Marketing Strategy

There’s nothing worse than great content marketing that goes to waste because it is not aligned with a company’s marketing strategy.

Our b2b marketing strategy solution avoids that trap.  And there is no “analysis paralysis”: we typically do what needs to be done in one half-day team meeting.

We start by defining priority marketing goals, which often include things like:


  • Help us build or re-position our brand
  • Make us a recognized thought leader in a technology
  • Lower my cost of customer acquisition and retention
  • Promote our new product and differentiate it from the competition
  • Drive demand for channel partners


The next question is: Who are we marketing to? And why?

And underneath that, many other questions, such as:

  • What do we want them to do?
  • What are their pain points, needs, requirements?
  • Which of our capabilities will resonate the most with them?
  • How and where do they consume marketing content?


Once we know who are target audiences are, we put together a content marketing action plan that defines the messages, the format, the platforms and the schedule of how it all rolls out.

I’d strongly recommend AGX Marketing to any logistics or distribution business that’s looking to grow to the next level. They listen, their industry analysis is rock solid and they delivered highly practical, results oriented advice that was tailored to our requirements.

Noam Frankel, CEO, Optimal Freight