Social Media Greatness in 15 Minutes – Hack #2

In Hack #1, I showed how a short LinkedIn post highlighting ONE – just one – key product benefit to create a






Social media marketing.

Here is a great example of the ONE BENEFIT SOCIAL MEDIA POST from Fabrice Klein, co-founder of KateKlein —

Now for Hack #2:  Teach customers and prospects what questions to ask you — and your competitors – before they buy your product.

Here are some examples stolen from the web:

Trucking: 8 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Transportation Company

IT: 5 Questions to Ask Your Cloud Computing Provider

Business Security  6-questions-to-ask-before-hiring-a-security-guard

These examples are good, but they are not perfect.  

They are way, way, way too too long. 

They FAIL FAIL FAIL the sub-8 second – chunkability test.  

More than 3 questions and most prospects on social media will tune out.

Second weakness: some questions are a little obvious and self-serving.  (Example: “Ask a Company How Long They Have Been In Business”).   We want a question your prospect or customer might NOT have thought of – and that shows off your expertise.

How do you avoid these weaknesses?  How do you QUICKLY – in 15 minutes or less – come up with a killer Question to teach your prospects on social media?

#1: ONE question is great.  THREE questions max.  This is social media: you have 4-8 seconds to get your viewers attention. You don’t have time to craft a treatise.

#2: Use a question you DON’T want to answer.  Be the opposite of self serving.  Use a question that plays to your competitor’s strengths.  Or that goes to one of your product weaker areas.  Or a customer application that you know is really challenging.  A question, in other words, that makes you earn your breakfast.  

Now, perhaps you are thinking:

Well that’s really stupid.

Why would I want to teach my customer / prospect the tough questions to ask?

Here’s why:

It is fast and easy to do.  You know the tough questions.  It doesn’t take time or creativity.  You can get it posted on social media messaging FAST.

It creates good will with your audience. They will think: “Wow, what a good, insightful non-BS question.  That company must really know what it is doing.  I trust them to be a good supplier.”

It turns a weakness into a strength.  By putting the question out there for all to see, you are effectively saying to the audience, “go ahead, ask us your toughest question – we can handle it”.


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