Our Services

Expert marketing, business development and M&A support for businesses in the trade and travel facilitation, critical infrastructure protection, and aviation and border security sectors. 

We help clients accelerate their growth and find new opportunities within the complex global homeland security arena.

Our engagements often combine different kinds of activity — all of which require deep, sector specific expertise and excellent relationships with key government and private sector stakeholders

Airplanes lined up on runway

Opportunity Assessment and Sizing

How big is the air cargo inspection market in Europe? How much will US CBP spend on biometrics? What new technologies are on TSA’s roadmap?  The AGX team helps investors, innovators and government contractors answer tough questions to stay ahead of the curve and separate hype from reality through in-depth fact-based analysis. 

Department of Homeland Security

US DHS "Navigation" and Business Development

We help firms avoid getting lost in the US DHS maze! Selling to TSA, CBP, FEMA, ICE requires a solid understanding who the key industry and legislative stakeholders are, who you can partner with, and where the entry points for innovation exist. 

Deal and Investor Sourcing

Together with our affiliate firm, Mooring Partners, we maintain an extensive database of investors and transactions that helps us connect investors and corporate buyers with early stage and growing homeland security technology.   

Outsourced / Fractional CMO Services

Our clients use AGX to augment their existing marketing teams because we have expertise specific to the travel facilitation, aviation security or border security sectors  As a result, we can develop and execute marketing initiatives faster, and more cost-effectively.

Clients We Serve

Technology Firms


Bridging the Public and Private Sector

Homeland security needs the best technology solutions for a wide range of security threats—and that’s where your business comes in. AGX helps firms navigate the industry and market their product, bringing private sector innovation to the homeland security sphere.


Supporting Investment in Digital Innovation

Investors are the key to bringing new, innovative tech to DHS. AGX elevates the businesses and products that are at the forefront of modernizing and optimizing homeland security operations—allowing investors to navigate the industry and make smart investments.

Non-US Firms

Bringing International Tech to US Market

From understanding US government guidelines to cultural differences, international firms in the homeland security space face a unique set of challenges. AGX Marketing helps international businesses navigate the US market and reduces barriers to entry.

Government Contractors

Helping Businesses Secure Contracts

Across agencies, government contractors are key to DHS’ success—but the competition to win prime contracts is fierce. AGX leverages industry expertise to help companies secure contracts that are the best match for their business qualifications and scope of work.