We're not generalists.

We know these industries—we’ve held executive roles in them. That means we can create powerful marketing content and campaigns faster and more cost effectively than firms with a one-size-fits-all approach.

Travel & Aviation

Every airline wants passengers to enjoy a seamless travel experience. But TSA, global regulators, and the aviation industry must also confront challenges such as terrorism, cyber attacks, and preventing the spread of COVID-19, just to name a few. AGX Marketing helps elevate technology firms that support the travel and aviation sector and keep passengers safe.


  • Customized content marketing and strategy 
  • Earned media coverage
  • Paid media strategy consulting

Ports & Borders

Nothing stops the flow of people and goods across borders—not even a global pandemic. Now more than ever, we need solutions that will increase border security without diminishing movement, trade, and commerce. If your firm has technology that can help, but you’re not sure how to break into the market, talk to AGX.


  • Email and social media marketing production
  • Access to networking opportunities with key stakeholders 
  • Advice and insight for navigating government guidelines

Critical Infrastucture

AGX Marketing connects private sector innovation with critical infrastructure protection requirements at the federal, state, and private sector levels. With the right marketing strategy, your product can help support the systems we rely on every day.


  • Investment strategy consulting
  • Multi-media marketing solutions
  • Brand and sector-specific copywriting