Public Data + Low Cost Data Visualization: A Gold Mine for Entrepreneurs, Marketing Pros and Businesses

In other words – everyone.

I am not a data scientist. But I’m a big advocate of using publicly available datasets from sources such as AWS in conjunction with an organization’s own data and data visualization tools such as Tableau Public to help businesses create value through better insight into market opportunities.

McKinsey & Co. estimated (and when has McKinsey ever been wrong??) that:

“Open data—public information and shared data from private sources—can help create $3 trillion a year of value in seven areas of the global economy.” 

I’ve used public data sets for clients in the security technology, logistics and telecommunications industry. The most recent example is for an AGX Marketing project in the medical technology space. For medtech providers, it’s useful to know where growth is occurring in medical procedures that use their technologies.

With public data from sources such HealthData.Gov you can identify as which hospital groups, ACO’s and outpatient practices.  Using Tableau Public, you can take raw CSV or MS Excel spreadsheets and turn them into something useful and share them easily [Click Here for the Full AGX Data Visualization]:


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