AGX does a significant amount of work for both investment firms and companies in the homeland security arena. In this project, we had an opportunity to combine the two areas for the Global Security Finance Forum. As part of a project to grow their membership base and provide new content to members, they asked AGX to compare the investment portfolio of In-Q-Tel, a VC firm that specializes in homeland security related investments with the security investments of leading generalist VC firms.


AGX leveraged publicly available databases of VC investment to provide the analysis. Using business intelligence, data analytics and data visualization techniques AGX transformed information buried in spreadsheets and brought key trends to life.


Insight. Increased engagement by forum members. A thought provoking analysis that demonstrated the value of the Global Security Finance Forum and its solutions.

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Andrew Goldsmith
Andrew Goldsmith

A regular contributor to, Andrew Goldsmith is CEO of AGX Marketing LLC, a b2b strategic content marketing company located in Washington DC.

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