One incredible data visualization shows why Facebook rules social media


In my last blog post on the Facebook vs. LinkedIn debate for B2B and B2G marketers, we looked at the hidden assumptions that cause marketers to overlook Facebook as a B2B and B2G advertising platform.

Facebook is used by a whopping 68% of all US adults — compared to 25% for LinkedIn.

But I wanted to look at how the platforms compare in terms of the intensity of user activity.

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In other words, how many Facebook users check Facebook everyday? How many LinkedIn users check LinkedIn everyday?

Active users are more likely to respond to social media advertising because they are more likely to see an ad than someone who only checks out Facebook, or Twitter, or LinkedIn once a week, or less.

Using data from the Pew Research survey of social media, I created a data viz in Tableau.

The visual is pretty stunning.  Facebook has something like 20X the number of HOURLY users – users who visit Facebook at least once per hour — compared to LinkedIn.

In fact, Facebook’s hourly user base is about 2x the total number of daily and hourly users of LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter combined.

My guess is that this is one of the main reasons Facebook is becoming the dominant social media marketing platform – one that b2b and b2g companies cannot ignore.



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