Nuctech’s Kylin Checkpoint CT* in Operation


Nuctech’s Kylin Checkpoint CT* in Operation

Nuctech’s flagship checkpoint CT system is the Kylin, which competes with the Analogic ConneCT, the IDSS Detect 1000, the Smiths Detection CTiX, and the LEIDOS ClearScan CT. Kylin has been tested in European and Asian airports extensively.


Any operational data about any screening system is meaningless if you don’t know the “conops” or concept of operations, i.e. the rules or procedures for how passengers and operators use the system.

The data presented is (we believe) for a Kylin system integrated with an automated tray return system or automated screening lane (ATRS or ASL). Liquids, aerosols, and gels (LAGs) of a quantity less than 100 ML were allowed to stay in passenger bags — but crucially, passengers were required to divest all larger items and duty-free liquids from their bags.

Reported Reject Rate: ~14%. This is the percentage of items that needed a secondary inspection. Some amount of this % is due to passengers leaving LAGs over 100 ML in their bags, some is due to true “false alarms”. The lower the reject rate, the better.

AGX Analysis: This is much better than current non-CT checkpoint x-ray systems can achieve but worse than what regulators like TSA and major airports want. For example, ACI Europe has stated that they want CT manufacturers to achieve a reject rate below 5%.

On-Screen Resolution (OSR) Time: 11 seconds per item. This is time security operators needed to inspect the image of an item “on-screen” and decide if it required further inspection. For faster the OSR, the better the passenger throughput and operator productivity.

AGX Analysis: This is roughly 3-5 seconds slower than the OSR for current non-CT checkpoint x-ray but considering that checkpoint CT presents a more complex image to operators, that is to be expected. An 11-second OSR may be considered acceptable by checkpoint CT customers.

Passenger Throughput: 470 per hour.

AGX Analysis: For context, a non-CT checkpoint can achieve passenger throughput in the 140 to 240 passenger per hour range. This is a validation of checkpoint CT technology.

[*To its credit, Nuctech has shared operational performance data with the industry in November 2020 to a degree that I have not seen from other vendors recently. Data presented are from a Nuctech presentation to the ACI Europe ACBS Working Group meeting, November 2020.]


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