Giving Thanks: Five Great Data Visualization Resources Everyone Should Know

When I launched AGX Marketing I knew there were great people, organizations and companies doing interesting things in the information design space.

What I did not know was how supportive people would be. There is a level of generosity, passion and intellectual curiosity for which I am really grateful.

So to thank these folks / resources / organizations, I wanted to give them some recognition. Here are FIVE great resources to check out.

Enjoy! Let me know who you would add to this list.

Data is Plural

Beautifully designed, content rich e-newsletter. Sign up and Jeremy Singer Vine sends you useful, interesting and offbeat public data sets.  Searchable data on side effects of +1400 drugs. The number of Prussian cavalrymen killed by horse kicks each year between 1875 and 1894. Aficionados of good web design could do a lot worse than emulating its spare, “less is more” style.

Beehive Media

When I grow up I want to be Bill Shander (@billshander). His courses on information design are the best I have found for beginning data analysts. His firm does great custom information design and consulting work, and he’s a mensch, eager to help and share his expertise.


Who needs Netflix when you’ve got the Datablick homepage? Who needs to pay for an advanced course in data visualization methods (Chord Diagrams, anyone?) when you have the Datablick blog? Thank you Anya (@datablick) and team for demonstrating the beauty and power of data visualization.

Data Community DC 

Do Sean Moore Gonzalez and the other folks behind Data Community DC ever sleep? For those in the DC area who are not aware, DC DC organizes, hosts and / or promotes a steady stream of what I think of as “TED Talks for Data”. Deep Learning. Time Maps. Visual Thinking and Story Telling. Join it now.

Best American Infographics Series.

A provocative smorgasbord of data stories. The Social Network of Jazz in the 1920’s. NSA surveillance programs. The evolution of Justin Bieber’s hair. Every time I open it, I discover something that pushes my thinking and changes my sense of what is possible through information design.


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