We work mainly with early stage biotech firms on one thing: helping them make a connection between their technology and a clearly defined, important problem facing patients, medical practitioners or pharmaceutical companies.

Often early stage biotech companies start with an exciting technology – but don’t clearly explain how it solves a serious challenge, better than the alternatives.  That misstep can hinder the ability to raise capital, attract talent, find partners – even get regulatory approvals.

Most biotech entrepreneurs are great scientists and engineers, not professional communicators.  That is where AGX comes in.  We help companies make their innovations relevant to customers, partners and investors.

How do we do it? We usually start by conducting short, intensive “customer discovery” interviews with potential end users, partners and industry experts.  This gives us a customer-centric foundation to develop powerful marketing content, which often includes:



If your biotech innovation is a great story that is waiting to be told, contact AGX.  We’re always happy to share ideas.