Attention fellow marketing geeks: the best content marketing guide I’ve read…

…comes from UK marketing firm Velocity Partners. It’s old (circa 2012) but I dearly wish I was/were smart enough to have written it myself.

I always had a vague unease when people talked about “content marketing”.

If content was everything and everything was content, it sounded like content marketing was just a new age-y term for marketing communications. This pdf cleared it up. The lightbulb has stayed on ever since.

It’s called the Content Marketing Strategy Checklist.


Why is it so great?

Because it succinctly and humorously explains the what, why and most importantly, HOW of content marketing.

As in, how should a marketing person develop and implement a content marketing strategy that does not require a bazillion dollars or a new software program or a dedicated content marketing staff person.

It is, in short, a great piece of content marketing.

For the attention span deprived, here’s the conclusion…


Here are the steps to create and implement a content marketing strategy:

  1. Define business and marketing needs for next 6-12 months
  2. Summarize each priority buyer’s “persona” (very cool marketing jargon term)
  3. Match content to each stage of buyers’ purchase process (e.g. AIDA)
  4. Identify buyer trigger events that would cause interest in your solutions
  5. Find the “sweet spot”: the combination of your expertise and buyer pain points
  6. Decide what themes you want to own, e.g. (“quality”, “technology excellence”, “ease of use”, etc) and SEO phrases to flog throughout your content
  7. Build and maintain kick ass content production schedule (see below)


There is a lot, lot, lot more — but this will give you a taste. Not quite as good as ottolenghi but close…

Let me know what you think and share your ideas.


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